Clay Brick Pavers: An Ideal Choice for Your Manchester NH Patio Design

Clay Brick Pavers An Ideal Choice for Manchester NH Patio Design

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Clay Pavers are a Natural Choice for Manchester NH Patio Design

As a landscape design company serving Manchester, NH, we are well aware of the extent to which every detail holds significance in crafting the perfect outdoor space. In our area, where industrial history meets modern living, selecting a clay paver as your patio surface allows you to embrace the historic brick vernacular. While it could be true that hardscape material options like bluestone or concrete pavers might be viable options, clay pavers stand out as an ideal choice for homeowners looking to enhance the history of the Queen City from the North End to the South Side and every neighborhood in between.

Key takeaways from this landscape design article from Nest Outdoors:

  1. Clay pavers combine historic charm with modern convenience for Manchester, NH, patios.

  2. They withstand Manchester's weather while embracing the city's character.

  3. Clay pavers offer versatile patterns like herringbone, basketweave, and running bond.

  4. They provide practical benefits and support sustainability.

  5. Sourcing from local suppliers benefits both homeowners and the region.

The Appeal of Clay Pavers

Clay brick pavers have an inherent material durability that makes them a smart choice for the extremes of Manchester's ever-changing weather. From harsh winters to humid summers, clay pavers maintain strength and integrity year-round and stand up to everything mother nature can throw New Hampshire's way. Furthermore, Manchester's industrial past is well complemented by the ageless aesthetic attractiveness of clay pavers. Clay pavers are a great way to give character, warmth, and a sense of place and time to any patio because of their earthy tones and rustic elegance that blend perfectly with the urban landscape. Aesthetically, clay pavers offer a surprisingly wide range of options that can be used to complement different architectural color schemes and types of homes.

The Flexibility of Patterns for Your Perfect Brick Patio Style

Brick pavers offer surprising versatility in paving patterns, allowing you to create a patio that perfectly complements your personal style and enhances the unique character of your Manchester, NH, patio design.

Herringbone Pattern: 

Clay brick paver herringbone pattern by patio landscape designer Nest Outdoors

One of the most classic and timeless choices for a New Hampshire patio, the herringbone pattern involves laying the pavers at a 45-degree angle to create a zigzag effect. This pattern adds visual interest and can make smaller spaces appear larger. In speaking to Manchester's old industrial landscape, the herringbone pattern introduces a feeling of quality and craftsmanship, especially when bordered with a solder course of pavers to delineate the patio's edge. This gives the herringbone patterned pavers the feeling of being inlaid. A skilled landscape designer can also play around with patterns in the middle of the patio for additional crafted detail and a high-end appeal.  

Basketweave Pattern:

Clay brick paver basketweave pattern by patio landscape designer Nest Outdoors

Ideal for adding texture and depth to your patio, the basketweave pattern involves alternating sets of two pavers placed horizontally and vertically. This creates a woven appearance that adds visual interest and. an even, balanced dimension to the patio area. In terms of context, the Basketweave Pattern shines in settings where a touch of rustic charm or classic elegance is desired, as it works well with historic residential architectural styles, such as cottage-style or colonial homes.

Running Bond Pattern: 

Clay brick paver running bond pattern by patio landscape designer Nest Outdoors

The running bond pattern is a common choice that is all about simplicity, elegance, and visual flow. In this pattern, each row of pavers is staggered by half a paver, creating a linear effect that draws the eye along the length of the patio. The running bond pattern works well for both patios and walkways in a wide range of settings and styles. For homeowners in Manchester, NH, seeking a patio design that seamlessly blends with the city's diverse architectural landscape, the running bond pattern offers a timeless solution that exudes understated ease.

Whether you opt for the structured appeal of the herringbone pattern, the textural richness of the basketweave pattern, or the visual of the running bond pattern, clay pavers provide many possibilities for creating a patio that reflects your individual style and enhances the charm of Manchester, home.

From an aesthetic and sustainability standpoint, you can't go wrong by choosing clay brick pavers for a patio in Manchester.

Wayne Lamarre - Owner Nest Outdoors

Practical Advantages of Clay Brick Pavers for Your Patio

In addition to their visual appeal, clay brick pavers offer several practical advantages. Their textured surface provides excellent slip resistance, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones, even during inclement weather. It requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for busy homeowners. With simple cleaning and occasional resealing (if you choose to add a sealer when installed), your clay paver patio will retain its beauty with little to no effort on your part.

Supporting Local Clay Brick Paver Suppliers

Introducing Pine Hall Brick Company and Stiles & Hart as regional suppliers of clay pavers, highlighting their commitment to quality and sustainability. These companies offer exceptional products and prioritize customer satisfaction, making them trusted partners for Nest Outdoors and for homeowners throughout New Hampshire.

Pine Hall Brick Pavers

With a rich history dating back decades, Pine Hall Brick Company is a kin to the spirit of Manchester's brick-laden heritage. Their clay pavers are manufactured with precision giving them a uniformity that is well suited to any paving pattern but allows them to work particularly well in a hellingbone pattern. Pine Hall reflects the craftsmanship and utility that define the mill city. By choosing Pine Hall Brick, homeowners support a company deeply rooted in tradition and dedicated to delivering excellence in every paver.

Stiles & Hart

Another local supplier brings a classic touch to Manchester's patio designs with its historic and time-tested clay pavers. Their Boston City Hall Pavers, inspired by historic cobblestone streets, pay homage to the city's past while offering modern functionality. With a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, Stiles & Hart provides homeowners with a durable paver option that aligns perfectly with the Manchester aesthetic.

By sourcing clay pavers from regional suppliers like Pine Hall Brick and Stiles & Hart, homeowners in Manchester, NH, not only benefit from high-quality products but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the region.

Real-Life Inspiration

To inspire your patio project, consider these examples of successful designs using clay pavers perfectly suited to Manchester, NH.

Brick pavers installed in custom patterns for walkways and patios as shown here by landscape design and construction company Nest Outdoors
Pine Hall brick pavers are perfect for this patio installed by patio designer Nest Outdoors
Brick patio design installed in Manchester NH by landscaping company Nest Outdoors

Let's Design a Clay Brick Paver Patio for You

Clay pavers stand out as an ideal choice for patio pavers across the city, offering durability, aesthetic appeal, and many practical advantages. If you're ready to elevate your outdoor living experience, consider clay pavers for your patio project. For expert guidance and support, reach out to Nest Outdoors, the premier landscape design firm providing services to Manchester and the Southern New Hampshire Region. Let's create a patio that reflects the beauty and resilience of Manchester, one clay paver at a time.

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