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If you're ready to raise your backyard living and entertaining game, a new outdoor kitchen custom designed and installed by Nest Outdoors is the perfect addition to your New Hampshire patio or deck.

A new outdoor kitchen gives the entire family a reason to get outside and change things up with delicious meals, fresh air, and outdoor fun. 

Outdoor kitchens in New Hampshire are an excellent investment and continue to increase in popularity 

Outdoor living is becoming more important to every homeowner. We need more from our backyards because we spend more time at home, and our needs have changed.

Your own authentic, custom-designed New Hampshire outdoor kitchen is the low-maintenance, high-use centerpiece of outdoor living. It will make your property more functional, versatile, and inviting while increasing your property value. In fact, outdoor kitchens can rival almost any home improvement project in terms of use, enjoyment, and dollar-for-dollar value. 


Outdoor kitchen design 3D model for a home in Amherst NH by Nest Outdoors 

Your outdoor kitchen custom designed and expertly installed

When designing your perfect outdoor cooking space, we'll determine the best size and layout for your available space, how it will integrate with the architecture and other landscape features, and how different appliances and options will fit together to meet your needs and budget with high style and functionality. 

We guide you to the best materials and ensure you have enough room for the chef and enough seating for entertaining. Many unique features, such as gas fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, can also be incorporated into your design. 

As experienced outdoor kitchen installers, we are well-versed in all the traditional and modern construction methods and techniques. Everything will be installed by the book as we follow all local regulations and building codes, so everything is up to code and safe to be enjoyed by everyone lucky enough to visit your home.


Outdoor Kitchen = Outdoor Happiness

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Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for more ways to enjoy their outdoor living space. They quickly become the favorite spot to gather, and one thing we've learned is that great memories are often centered around great meals

Having your own outdoor kitchen in your backyard offers bonding opportunities for you, your family, and your friends. Even at the end of a long day at work, you can destress outside in a comfy well-designed space with your favorite beverage and a healthy meal prepared with fresh ingredients. And gone will be the days of missing out on the backyard party fun because you're stuck in the house cooking for guests.

If you have dreamed of creating culinary masterpieces outdoors and showing off your culinary skills to family and friends more often, Nest Outdoors can design just what you need.

Outdoor kitchens are easy to own, enjoy and maintain

Most of the materials used to create your outdoor culinary masterpiece are either no-maintenance or low-maintenance. 

The appliances and fixtures, including drawers and cabinet doors, are high-quality stainless steel, making them easy to care for and clean. You can choose from an endless selection of easy-to-care-for granite countertops. No maintenance stone veneer or porcelain veneer options are excellent choices that work in a contemporary or rustic design. The floor of your outdoor kitchen can be made of rustic stone slabs or more formal bluestone patterns, pavers made of concrete which come in many styles and sizes, or clay pavers like Boston City Hall or Pine Hall Pavers. This makes maintenance for your outdoor kitchen floor more effortless than your interior kitchen! 


Your backyard kitchen can be incorporated with existing landscape features like a patio or pool or as part of a new landscape design


Outdoor kitchen with gas grill and bar with fireplace in Bow NH designed by Nest Outdoors

Outdoor Kitchen Features

Built-in Gas Grill Smoker or Rotisserie Side Burners
Storage Cabinets Utensil Drawers Cutting Station
Refrigerator Beverage Refridgerator Wine Cooler
Sink & Faucet Trash/Recycling Bins Landscape Lighting
Pizza Oven Bar Area Ice Bin
Shade Structure Outdoor Fireplace Gas Fire Pit
Outdoor Heaters Outdoor TV Sound System
Tap Dispenser Refrigerator Drawer Bar Seating
Warming Drawer

Add some shade and rain protection to your outdoor kitchen to keep the party going in all conditions

Worried about the extremes of New Hampshire weather conditions ruining your gathering, limiting the usability, or damaging your outdoor cooking setup? We'll design a custom structure like a pergola or pavilion to provide some valuable rain protection for your family and guests. You'll be an entertaining hero when no one is overexposed to the hot sun or passing rain. 

Adding a structure to cover your kitchen and dining area also protects your gas grill, refrigerator, and other outdoor kitchen features and appliances from the sun, rain, and snow. As a bonus, you can enjoy the outdoors even more with options for fans, TVs and speakers, and portable or built-in heaters - all in one stylish design that complements your home. Talk to an experienced designer today and ensure your outdoor kitchen is safe from whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve!

Let Nest Outdoors take your outdoor living experience to the next level with a new outdoor kitchen

Considering an amazing outdoor living space with custom features can be a little overwhelming initially; however, Nest Outdoors is here at every step to make the process easy and deliver your perfect outdoor kitchen. Our experienced designers will work closely with you to determine what appliances and features to include, the ideal layout, and the best material choices that suit your lifestyle, personal style, and budget. Your family and everyone visiting your home will experience better outdoor living and entertaining in a showstopper of a backyard each time they come by!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get cooking!

It's time to see what you've been missing. Give us a call, and let's unlock the hidden potential of your backyard. 

A basic outdoor kitchen should include a gas grill, a storage cabinet, and a utensil drawer. Click here to learn more

We most certainly do! 

We cover all design and installation needs and will supervise or collaborate with any specialty trades that need to be involved in the construction of your beautiful new outdoor kitchen. 

We can take care of all permitting and inspection needs. 

Outdoor happiness designed just for you