You've got untapped living potential right in your own backyard

Landscaping focused on outdoor living projects.

We hold the backyard sacred because it can be a place where lifelong memories are made. We know we've fulfilled our mission when you have an outdoor space to relax and conversate with your special person, gather regularly with your family, and share good times with friends.

Journey to backyard happiness with better outdoor spaces and landscape features designed just for you

Imagine a backyard that creates a desire to go outside every time you see it. What if you couldn't wait to get home to cook in your outdoor kitchen, hang out on your patio, or simply spend time outside surrounded by a beautiful garden? We exist as a company to build a custom outdoor space that you don't want to stop thinking about and enjoying.

Contributing to well being

It's time to reverse some of the lifestyle changes of the past few decades. As much as we love technology, it's come at a steep price. How about a little less screen time and a little more blue sky? How about a less isolation and more meaningful time connecting with outdoor goodness and people we care about?

All shapes, styles, and sizes (front yards too)

We are a highly experienced, full-service landscape design-build company. This means we have built up the technical expertise to design and install a range of landscape projects, from smaller functional and aesthetic improvements to grand transformations. And while it's true we dream about what we can do for your backyard, we've got a lot of thoughts about your front yard too.


Some of the common landscape features we include in our projects are:



Retaining Walls

Outdoor Kitchens

Landscape Lighting

Perennial Gardens

Pools & Spas

Fireplaces & Firepits

Outdoor Saunas

Quality over quantity.

It's not about the number of landscape projects we build; it's about our impact on how you live and enjoy what we design and build for you.

How we got here

Sometimes a path calls to you, and you have no choice but to answer. Generations of craftsmen, an artistic calling, and a lot of education and experience are what is behind Nest Outdoors.

Bringing it home

Home should be the happiest of places, and it should be the place you want to be. Let's make your landscape a natural extension of your livable spaces to support your best version of living.

What we bring to the table

Nest Outdoors brings over 25 years of landscape design-build experience to every project, which means we have experience building just about anything for your landscape. We are analytical, creative, and fun to be around (at least, that's what we've been told). 🙂


Our landscape design office is in Bedford, New Hampshire

Outdoor happiness designed just for you