Small Yard, Big Impact: The Benefits of Landscape Design for Your Manchester New Hampshire Home

Benefits of landscape design for your Manchester New Hampshire home by Nest Outdoors
Perennial garden landscape design in Manchester NH
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Your backyard doesn't need to be big to have a landscape that is perfect for you

Offering landscape design services in Manchester, NH, for homeowners for as long as we have, we understand that even the smallest yards of the Queen City holds tremendous potential.

A thoughtful landscape design process is how we get to know your land and how you want it to function so you can optimally use and experience your property will unlock your outdoor space's potential. Your backyard should be more than beautiful to the senses. What makes a great backyard is when it becomes a truly livable outdoor extension home.

The way to judge a well-designed outdoor environment is if it makes you happy, comfortable, and vibrant.

Key takeaways from this landscape design article from Nest Outdoors:

  1. Even in the smallest yards of Manchester, NH, there's vast potential waiting to be developed

  2. Beyond just looking beautiful, a well-designed backyard should be a livable extension of your home

  3. Nest Outdoors specializes in making the most out of smaller backyard landscapes

  4. A well-designed outdoor space has the power to bring families together and foster connections within the community

  5. Landscape design in Manchester should promote wellness and sustainability

Recognizing the Value of Landscape Design

While it's true that rearranging some chairs and adding a few potted plants can make your backyard more cozy and inviting, proper landscape design is so much more than that!

Whether you dream of a lively outdoor party patio with an outdoor kitchen and pizza oven or just a peaceful retreat for quiet moments, we develop ideas customized exclusively for you and your outdoor areas to suit your lifestyle. Crafting a personalized design that seamlessly blends style with function and nature requires a keen eye and trained mind developed through education and decades of experience.

Creating real value for you means pulling together elements like custom stone walls, patios, fire pits or fire tables, stunning perennial gardens, or large pools or smaller Soake Pools in a way that can satisfy everyone who lives or spends time at your home. 

Maximizing Backyards Through Thoughtful Landscaping

There are many cozy neighborhoods and smaller backyards in Manchester, NH, where space is a precious commodity. From the new neighborhoods cropping up across the city to the downtown area to the North End to Wellington Hill, strategic design choices can make a world of difference for homes with modest backyard square footage.

Imagine this: we're talking about setting up your patio in a way that squeezes in every last bit of seating space, making it perfect for chilling out or hosting friends. And let's not forget about those garden spots bursting with colors all year long, adding life to your outdoor hangout. With our knack for design, your small backyard transforms into a chill zone where you can enjoy your morning coffee or throw down some epic BBQs with your crew.

It's really all about making the most of what you've got, and we take you through our complete landscaping design process to make your outdoor space absolutely perfect for daily living while making it the envy of the block!


Design to Enhance Family and Community Connections in Manchester

A well-designed outdoor space has the power to meaningfully connect with those around you as it brings family members together for more opportunities for bonding and fun. Your home is a place to make memories, which only enhances when there are options to spend more time in your landscape on a brick patio with your significant other, on a custom-designed deck with friends, or quietly meditating in your peaceful urban garden.

Connections to the greater community can grow with a warm, welcoming front yard with a colorful perennial garden that visually delights neighbors and contributes positively to the overall feeling of the neighborhood. Landscape design in a city like Manchester not only enhances your own life but also enriches the lives of those in your community and everyone who wants the best for and takes pride in the city.

More and more Manchester, NH, homeowners are seeking outdoor living spaces as a way to get the most out of their property.

Wayne Lamarre - Owner Nest Outdoors

Landscape design with bluestone patio Manchester NH North End

You don't need a lot of space to enjoy a natural stone patio in Manchester. The above picture shows one of our patio designs being installed on North Adams Street in the North End of Manchester, New Hampshire 03104.

Promoting Wellness and Peace of Mind

Finding moments of tranquility and relaxation away from the news, social media, and screens in general is more important than ever.

The outdoor spaces of your home should call you outside into the sun, and fresh air to deliver some increased happiness, wellness and peace of mind by connecting you with your own little slice of nature. From fire pits that warm and delight to water features that soothe the senses to lush greenery and the color of well-chosen native plants, your backyard can provide a natural escape from the stresses of daily life.

You should experience a backyard where you can unwind and recharge daily whenever you need a break from the hustle and bustle.

Sustainable Landscaping Design Practices for Long-Term Benefits

Fundamentally, landscaping design and landscape architecture take into account how important sustainability is to the local ecosystem and how long your outdoor space will sustainably perform, in other words, how long it will last. For this reason, every design we develop incorporates eco-friendly landscaping ideas, best practices for stormwater management, and locally and regionally sourced materials to guarantee that your hardscape areas will look stunning now and in the future and the plant material like trees, shrubs, and perennials and stay alive and healthy for many years to come.
From the native plantings of your garden that require minimal water set in rich organic soil to low or zero-maintenance hardscape materials like bluestone and granite to permeable applications that reduce runoff and erosion, we'll create and install a sustainable landscape that's as good for the planet as it is for your property.
Because much of the city is densely developed, landscape construction projects in Manchester require permitting to proactively limit the amount of impervious space and to follow all city ordinances regarding development. It's important in all land planning to be aware of what can and can't be done to a property. This intelligent approach ensures the land's overall health by promoting water infiltration rather than runoff to prevent erosion.

Nest Outdoors is experienced with the permitting process in Manchester and ensures every design in compliance.


Realizing the Potential: Landscaping Success Stories and Testimonials from Our Clients

See the transformative power of landscape design by Nest Outdoors for yourself. Look up the reviews of our past projects and hear from clients who have experienced the Nest Outdoors difference firsthand. From nonfunctional backyards turned into vibrant outdoor living spaces, our success stories speak volumes about the impact that our thoughtful design process combined with expert craftsmanship can have on your property.


Partnering with Nest Outdoors for a Landscape Design for your Manchester Home

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space, we'll bring our clear, casual communication style and exceptional landscape design services, we'll guide you through every step of the process, from initial concept to final installation. We bring a team of skilled craftspeople and installers dedicated to giving you a great experience during construction meeting and exceeding your expectations at every turn.

The benefits of landscape design extend far beyond mere aesthetics. Call us to unlock the full potential of your backyard, creating a beautiful, sustainable landscape that enhances your property, enriches your community, and brings greater peace and happiness to your daily life.

What we design for our Manchester clients:

  1. Complete custom-designed outdoor living spaces

  2. Innovative patio layouts for optimal seating and entertaining

  3. Stylish and functional gardens featuring native plants and seasonal blooms

  4. Cozy fire pits, fire tables or outdoor fireplaces for gathering and warmth

  5. Creative outdoor lighting designs to enhance landscape ambiance and safety

  6. Functional pathways and walkways for easy navigation

  7. Sustainable landscaping solutions for eco-friendly outdoor environments

  8. Custom-built structures like pergolas, decks, or outdoor kitchens

  9. Thoughtfully integrated pools, Soake Pools, hot tubs, saunas and spas

Wayne Lamarre is the owner of the Bedford landscaping and design company Nest Outdoors

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