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Landscape designer Manchester NH Nest Outdoors focuses exclusively on residential design to maximize your happy home

We love to work directly with homeowners because we can add the most value to a family's daily life. Yes, we design patios, walkways, firepits, beautiful stone walls, and plantings, but we deliver an improved quality of life for you, your family, and everyone you care about. Let's bring more nature, sunshine, and happiness back into your daily life by maximizing the comfort, functionality, and beauty of your backyard.

Why choose landscape designer Nest Outdoors for your Manchester Home

We're not just a local landscape designer; we're storytellers who use soil, stone, and native plantings to narrate the rich tapestry of the citiess past, present, and future in your landscape design. The concepts we create for you are inspired by your wants and needs informed by the city's industrial heritage and forward-looking spirit, incorporating hardscape elements as varied as reclaimed mill bricks to bluestone, granite, and porcelain pavers to create residential landscapes that are not just beautiful but meaningful. Your garden, patio, and walls can reflect Manchester's resiliency, vibrancy, and the urban vernacular of your home city. Your backyard will be on par with the best performances at the Palace Theater and achieve a 5-star rating for the magnificent offerings of the Hanover Street Chophouse!

Whether you're going for a more traditional residential landscape or a modern style, we offer out services as an experienced landscape designer in Manchester, NH. The local history and environment of your hometown inform your design. Whether crafting a cozy patio area reminiscent of Manchester's mills or designing a garden brings the beauty of the surrounding New England landscape, our team is ready to create an outdoor living space perfect for your home.

Over 20 years of landscaping and landscape design experience

We've been landscape designers for over 20 awesome years. That's two decades of turning bland backyards into breathtaking escapes and front yards into welcoming entries. Our journey has been packed with learning every nook and cranny of what makes a space not just beautiful but uniquely yours.
We have a rich history of designing, digging, and dedicating our hearts to landscapes across Southern New Hampshire. It's not just about the years, though; it's about the love, sweat, and attention we pour into making your project so special. So, when you're thinking of inproving your landscaping and giving your outdoor space a little (or big) makeover, know that we're here, with years of landscape design experience, ready to collaborate on a bit of outdoor happiness designed just for you.

Popular landscape design features in Manchester, NH

In Manchester, NH, and similar New England locales, homeowners often lean towards land planning that includes elements that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with a strong emphasis on seasonality due to the region's distinct four seasons.

Popular landscape elements include:

Outdoor Living Spaces:

This includes patios, pool design, decks, and outdoor kitchen design, all of which are popular for extending the home's living space into the outdoors, allowing homeowners to enjoy the beautiful, albeit sometimes brief, summer season.

Fire Pits, Fireplaces, and Fire Tables:

Given the cool evenings, even in summer throughout NH, and a focal point for gatherings, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and fire tables are popular features, allowing you to enjoy your backyard on any occasion and well into the fall and even winter.

Retaining Walls and Stone Work:

Given New Hampshire's hilly terrain and rocky soil, retaining walls, stone paths, and patios are practical for managing slopes and creating level areas for gardens and recreation in the residential landscape

Perennial Beds:

Perennials that thrive in the local climate, returning year after year, offer a low-maintenance and sustainable option for adding color and variety to the landscape.

Privacy Plantings, Fences, and Structures:

With the value placed on privacy, tall shrubs and trees, fences, and well-placed structures like pergolas are commonly used landscaping features to create natural barriers between properties.

Sustainable Landscapes:

Creating sustainable landscapes involves thoughtful planning and design to minimize environmental impact while maximizing beauty and functionality. This approach often begins with eco-friendly garden design and landscape installation techniques prioritizing native plants, water conservation, and soil health. Additionally, ongoing practices such as sustainable lawn care help maintain the balance between aesthetics and environmental responsibility, ensuring the longevity and resilience of the landscape.

Many of our projects also include outdoor kitchens, landscape lighting designs, pools, hot tubs, swim spas, and more

Three custom landscape design concepts for a home in the North End of Manchester, NH 03104

Garden design with a patio fire pit and stone walls in Manchester NH by Nest Outdoors
Garden design with a patio fire pit and stone walls in Manchester NH by Nest Outdoors
Landscape designer Manchester NH North End Nest Outdoors

After we design, we’ll install your custom landscape plans

Once your ideal design is finalized, the real work begins. The Nest Outdoors landscaping team is ready to get to work, meticulously carrying out your custom landscape designs to transform your outdoor areas into an amazing reality. Every element, from the sleek elegance of stone walks to the rich greenery of lively gardens, is built with care and accuracy. We take care of everything, making sure your yard makeover goes smoothly and without any hassles.

The value of working with a landscape designer near you

In our experience, projects that achieve the best results are when you work with a landscape design company near you. It allows for easier collaboration and a more intimate knowledge of your property, as well as supporting local landscaping material suppliers during landscape construction. Our design office is conveniently only a few miles from the center of the Queen City making Nest Outdoors is intimately familiar with the historical and natural splendor of Manchester.

Schedule an appointment to visit our design office or to meet at your property to learn what we can do for you

Ready to see what our landscaping expertise can do for your space? Let's schedule an appointment to swing by our design office for a cold beverage and a casual brainstorming session, or we can come directly to you. Contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nest Outdoors brings over two decades of rich landscape design and build experience directly to your Manchester home. We tailor every project to enhance your daily living with thoughtful designs that blend function, beauty, and the essence of Manchester’s vibrant history. We’re more than landscapers; we’re creators of your personal outdoor sanctuary giving you a reason to enjoy more time outdoors with family and friends.

Beside incorporating what you want, our designs alway consider context.. We craft outdoor spaces that reflect this character, using materials and plants that tell a story—your home’s story intertwined with the city’s past and future.

Absolutely! At Nest Outdoors, customization is key. We believe every outdoor space should be as unique as the homeowner. Our team has a process to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and what is possible within your budget and on your property. The last step is to bring everything together with a design that's tailored just for you.

Functional, versatile, and comfortable outdoor living spaces that extend the comfort of your home into your backyard. Patios, fire pits, perennial gardens, and rustic stone walls are common features in our designs; they're all intended to give you outdoor areas you can utilize all year round. Whether you want to use it for evenings with or peaceful mornings alone, our goal is to build your ideal outdoor getaway.

Yes! After designing your dream outdoor space, our skilled team takes the reins to ensure every detail of the design comes to fruition. We manage the entire installation process, from the groundwork to the final touches, with precision and detail. Our goal is to transform your property seamlessly and as efficieintly and stress-free as possible, allowing you to hav e confidence from the beginning of the process through to the final outcome.

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What Manchester homeowners say about Nest Outdoors

Nest Outdoors has this knack for crafting outdoor areas that compliments your lifestyle. Being someone who values creativity, I was seriously impressed by their design finesse, top-notch construction skills, and the thoughtful way they guided a design process that resulted in an exceptional plan for my backyard. Super grateful for the experience!

-Ann M, Manchester NH

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